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Inviato da: books il Jan 3 2017, 12:01 AM


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Titolo: Risky Woods + Cheat
Anno: 1992
Genere: Arcade
Lingua: Inglese

Dimensioni: 1,6 Mb

Istruzioni uso: Eseguire RISKY.COM e scegliere se abilitare i cheat.

Nota: Il sorgente assembler del cheat e' incluso!

The ancient monks, who preserve the wisdom of the Lost Lands, have been frozen in stone. Young Rohan must plunge into the Risky Woods to release them. Only then can wisdom triumph once again. Most of Risky Woods involves Rohan running, jumping ledges and fighting monsters while freeing the monks from stone. At every third stage lay a boss, usually some gigantic floating insect that throws fireballs. Both the monsters in the levels as well as these insect bosses drop coins, though bosses drop considerably more. These coins can be used after each level to buy weaponry upgrades and extra life energy.

Orario di seed e Banda disponibile: senza limiti.

Controllo Antivirus: Kaspersky

This scan result means the file "RIS​K​Y​.​COM" is safe to use, store, and share
File size 784B
File type BIN/DATA
Date of scan 2017-01-03 01:00:31
Bases release date 2017-01-02 23:31:21 UTC
MD5 4bc606e03eb82632a7d9d0df254e7e4d
SHA1 b54efe23fe91c0c24bb40f5cc23adb446297044e
SHA256 185d4a198eb8de5f5423b4e7a193ded537d291768ac7024587320aa2616a92ac

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